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I am delighted to announce the release of SUBA, recorded during lockdown with my dear friends Omar Sosa, one of Cuba's most prolific jazz pianists and the astounding percussionist Gustavo Ovalles.  Omar and I had a small window of opportunity during the Covid pandemic, to collaborate by the sea, joined by our families, in Majorca.

Through the music we bring a message of peace, hope and unity. When everything around us falling apart, the one thing we have inside ourselves is a divine connection with our inner voice. 

We hope you enjoy this new opus.  

You can order or download the album through your favorite platform 
Peace and Light 


MEZZO TV – « SUBA » Top Mezzo (album of the month - October 2021)

FIP RADIO Guided by African music and its spirituality, the musicians attune their art perfectly ”

THE SCOTTSMAN **** 'The combination of Sosa’s piano prowess and the mercurial brilliance of Keita’s harp-lute is a potent one'

MORNING STAR ONLINE ***** An unhurried elegance of what Sosa calls “minimalismo” articulates this utterly modern musical idiom’

SONGLINES **** ‘Mezzo ivories and chiming kora glisten in heavenly iridescence as Keita rich voice glides across fluttery instrumental lattice with occasional jazzy outbreaks.’

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