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The Seckou Keita Foundation aims to help relieve poverty in Senegal and the bordering regions of Guinea Bissau and The Gambia.  In summer 2023, volunteers from the Seckou Keita Fan Club based in Senegal, helped to plant 40,000 mangrove propagules covering approx 8 hectares of land in the Casamance region, with the support of the Regional Directorate of Marine Protected Areas (Ziguinchor)


Mangroves play a vital role in flood prevention, provide habitats for fish and molluscs and filter out salt allowing farmers to irrigate their land. Mangroves also mitigate the impacts of climate change by storing carbon. Planting mangroves is Seckou's small contribution to help offset his carbon footprint.


Seckou's single, Alam Gi, meaning 'Environment' was released in 2023, inspired by the passion of the Fan Club to take action.

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We are raising £5,000 to plant a further 25 hectares of mangroves in Summer 2024. To find out more, click on the DONATE button which will take you to a GoFundMe page.

Download a summary of how we have calculated our fundraising goal.

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