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AKA TRIO Assembly Hall, Main Hall Five shows only, 15 – 19 August

Antonio ForcioneSeckou KeitaAdriano Adewale When three world-renowned virtuosos unite, everyone has something to say.

Multi award winning acoustic guitarist Antonio Forcione from Italy, Senegalese griot kora player Seckou Keita and Brazilian percussionist Adriano Adewale will be performing together at this year’s Edinburgh festival as ‘Aka Trio.’ These three phenomenal, dynamic musicians are not just top of their game but the front men of their own bands too. Performing five shows only, this is a concert not to be missed.

“We’re ping-ponging each other basically, we’re teasing each other with music, it’s like a roller coaster”

Assembling a collective of international musical ideas, the musical masters have beautifully captured a concoction of world music. Each equally skilled with a supreme knowledge of music, Forcione, Keita and Adewale allow their intricate fast running melodies to weave together and drive the music forward in a beautiful chase. Audiences are guaranteed a powerful and dynamic show of wit, personality and musical virtuosity.


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