do you speak djembeWestern classical music and African drums come together in a multicultural convergence of sounds, backed by the exceptional participation of the audience, creating a unique, interactive musical experience.

The heart of each member of the audience pulsates in joyful unison with the djembe drums, the kora the dunduns, the balafons et and other traditional African instruments, as they get into the rhythm to speak the language of the djembe.

Behind this encounter of two different worlds is the fundamental credo that music and its rhythms must be shared to create a common experience.

Do You Speak Djembe? is the show that makes this happen.

The Do You Speak Djembe? programme brings together, in colourful harmony, treasures of western classical music by composers such as Georg Friedrich Handel and Georges Bizet and pieces from the Malian and Senegalese traditional repertoires.

Inspired by this novel combination, the conductor, Philippe Fournier, together with Seckou Keita, have created new arrangements and exciting scores such as ‘Bamba’, ‘Dialiya’, ‘Kelemani’, ‘Sakiliba’ and ‘Manyo’.

Doug Manuel, the master of ceremonies, takes everyone on a breathtaking trip full of emotion and energy, as he carries out the daunting task of coordinating and firing into concordant action the orchestra, the soloists, the African musicians and …the audience!

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