Since 1 Nov 2010: Seckou Keita has entered into a partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Initially, this is a 6 month partnership which aims to funds for this extraordinary humanitarian organisation. 50% of the proceed from his latest CD sales (The Silimbo Passage) and 50% of the profits from downloads of the album will go directly to the ICRC.

The Red Cross is an organisation that is close to Seckou’s heart because of the work they have done in his native Casamance in the past 20 years. Not only has the IRCR helped people of Casamance during the conflict, but they have also been supporting people at hard times (drought, floods, health, finding missing ones.)

Seckou is extremely honoured and proud to contribute to raise money with his music for the ICRC. You can buy the CD and support the cause through this link.

Find out more about ICRC


Climate change has its most terrible consequences in third world countries including his beloved African continent. It is individual actions that will make a difference. But Since 2007, a green policy has been adopted by Seckou Keita, his band and management to reduce the band’s carbon emissions. This has been done with the following steps:

  • 80% reduction in printing of promotional material
  • 50% reduction in printing marketing material
  • Use of recycled paper or paper from sustainable forest
  • CD production using the greenest methods
  • Offsetting the unavoidable CO2 residue produced when travelling with donations madeĀ  to contribute to East Africa Energy Efficiency and tree planting in the UK
  • Use of public transport wherever possible

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