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She was a highly respected Welsh harpist, he was a Nottingham-based master of the West African kora… together they made beautiful music! No, not the tagline for the unlikeliest rom-com ever made, but rather a description of Clychau Dibon, a meeting of musical minds that works like a treat. You can read the cover story of fRoots 361 to find out the tale behind the album, but you really don’t need to know the details in order to appreciate the simple pleasures on offer here. Finch and Keita play with and around each other as if Wales and Mali were natural musical bedfellows. At times it’s hard to work out who’s playing what, as the strings ripple and shimmer for all they’re worth. There are many wonderful contemplative moments here, but surprising improvisatory edges and flourishes too, with both players pushing just enough to move things away from the pleasant and twee. Some people spend a lot of money on illegal substances in order to attain the kind of mood this music evokes. | Buy from

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