Do You Speak Djembe? In Paris

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Casino de Paris 19th-27th January

Seckou Keita and The Symphony Orchestra of Lyon

I will be taking part in a very special event with the Symphony Orchestra of Lyon over 13 days in Paris in January!!!

An original interactive show. Never seen or heard before! Come and take part in this fantastic fusion of classical music and ancestral African drumming! A show without spectators, where the public become actor… All audience members will receive a djembe and be guided to play along with the symphony orchestra and the African musicians. When entering, you will already be transported by this unique vision; a djembe placed on every chair waiting for you to be its one night percussionist… Featuring the maestro kora player Seckou Keita, this incredible show brings together the very best of this generation’s West African and great European musicians.
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“A show without spectators, where the public become actor...”

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