The Silimbo charts #1 on I tunes and Amazon world music sales!

BBC Radio 4 Brendan and Ryan

And thank you all for making the Silimbo Passage, the number 1 album in I tunes and Amazon world music charts! All of your support will go on to help the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Also, thank you so much for all your lovely messages and comments…

I had a busy but lovely day today. First it was great fun talking to Libby Purves from Midweek, BBC radio 4. And the other guests were such a joy:
– Samantha Bond who is best known for her role as Moneypenny in the James Bond films starring Pierce Brosnan
– Oscar-winning songwriter (and ex-Rodeo rider!!) Ryan Bingham
– Strictly Come dancing favourite Ballroom dancer Brendan Cole

You can listen to the program on BBC I player for another 7 days I think… Just follow this link

Then I had to rush to the airport to fly to Poitiers (France), preparing for tomorrow “Do You speak Djembe show”. Having a great time with a fantastic team of people and musicians!
Time for a little rest now…
All the very best

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