come with me to senegal?

Drumming Workshop Abene

Seckou Keita Drumming Workshop in AFRICA!!!


Abéné – Casamance – Sénégal
19 Feb -3 March 2011

If you are thinking of your next winter break, here are a few reasons to join Seckou Keita in AFRICA and more particularly in Senegal:

World class Tuition: Seckou Keita is an outstanding & experienced teacher that will give you more than you bargain for. Expect fabulous djembe workshops and classes.

Travel and Discovery: Casamance is an amazing place to visit. A little green heaven in Africa. The schedule will be designed so you some have time to explore the area: markets, bird-watching, buzy and buzzy cities, island trips, palm wine testing, spiritual trees..

Night Life: for those who just love a party, there is always a beach, drumming or reggae party happening in Abené. And the workshop will take place during Kafountine Carnival, in the nearby village

Enchanting accommodations: Les Belles Etoiles (meaning The beautiful stars) is a safe and secured campement made of round huts. The design is fabulous and wild, while giving you comfort. It is ideally located: slightly retreated from the village for your peace and quiet but only a short walking distance from the main shops and the beach.

Relax and re-energise: fabulous surroundings, positive energy, beautiful people will enhance your body and mind

A choice of inspiring options: add value to your trip with a choice of 10 hours of dun dun, kora, singing and balafon.

Fun, fun fun: fun during the classes and fun outside the classes! This is a holiday that you will remember.

All this run by an experienced: this will be our 8th running workshop and they keep being better and better..

Price: £800

Optional Dun Dun/Kora/Balafon/singing sessions (10 hours): £150

Want to know more? Contact us

What past students have said:

“Seckou is such a generous teacher and person. It was a provilege to be part of this experience”

“It was amazing! When is the next one?

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